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What are the best gifts for men?


Choosing gifts for him isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. Does he like whiskey or beer? Board games or video games? Heck, does he even enjoy getting presents at all?! We get that the brothers, partners, fathers, sons and other male people in our lives can be really tricky to buy for – but it certainly doesn’t have to be this way. With a bit of know-how and some stellar tips from us, you’ll quickly have an idea of the very best gifts for men, be it Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day or any other gifting occasion.

What are the best gifts for him?

1. Games

If you know roughly where your giftee’s interests lie – and they happen to lie in games – choosing a gift is easy as. Be it board games, video games, brain games or even drinking games, no man can ever have too many. Lots of people have entire libraries of games. That means that unlike getting him a toolset or record player, a new one definitely won’t be redundant. Plus, people who are into games often love trying new ones – so why not give him the gift of a fun and fresh experience?

2. Experiences

Speaking of experiences, that brings us to our second gift idea for men. If your giftee isn’t so into things, a real-life experience could be the best option. There’s oodles of experiences to choose from, including beer-tasting, whiskey distillery tours, skydiving, flying lessons, quad biking, race car driving, adventure and water sports, and indoor activities like escape rooms.
If you can’t quite decide – or aren’t sure what your giftee is into – you could get them an experience voucher.

3. Booze

A bottle of booze is almost always a safe bet – especially if you don’t know the person particularly well. You could select a fancy bottle of red, a nice whiskey, or even a case of beer or cider. DIY cocktail kits are also great; you simply buy the required liquor, mixers and garnishes, and your giftee does the rest!

4. Grooming supplies

If your giftee likes to indulge in a little self-care, grooming supplies never go astray. They might be using an old, cheap razor that’s seen much better days – in this case, you could gift them a high-end one. Or, perhaps you could put together a set complete with a good razor, shaving brush and some luxe shaving cream. If you’re not sure what your giftee already owns, items like premium shaving cream, after-shave balm, body wash or beard oil work really well.

5. Hampers

Oh, hello, have we introduced ourselves? Hampers (like ours!) make the perfect gifts for him. They’re fun, they make deciding on a gift easy, and they provide lots of different items for your
giftee instead of just one. If he considers himself quite the poker player, our Poker Pro box is sure to please. If he loves his wine, your best bet is our Sommelier Box. Alternatively, if he prefers mixed drinks, make sure to grab our Cocktail Guru box. We’ve also got a Retro Party box packed with old-school games!